Definition of a Point
Calculating the Diameter of Polygons
Definition of a Ray
Calculating Arc Lengths
Definition of a Line
Calculating the Area of a Circle
Definition of a Line Segment
Special Angles Inside a Circle
Definition of an Angle
More Arc Lengths
Large Degree Measure
Circle Properties
Negative Angles
Properties of Circle Transversals
Parallel Lines
More Angle - Circle Relationships
Line Intersections
Even More Angle - Circle Relationships
Systems of Three Lines
Calculating the Volume of Solids
Names of Angle Pairs
Finding the Surface Area of Solids
Angle Names
Surface Area of a Sphere
Filling in Missing Angles
Finding the Area of a Pyramid
Intro to Triangle Definitions
Finding the Area of a Cone
Triangle Types
Two Column Proofs
Right Triangles
Tools For Two Column Proofs
Building a Geometry Detective Kit
Techniques to Determine Missing Angles
Axioms, Postulates & Theorems
Area of a Right Triangle
Intro to Theorems and Postulates for Line Systems
Area of Other Triangles
Heavy Duty Theorems and Postulates for Line Systems
Properties of Squares
Heavy Duty Triangle Definitions
Properties of Rectangles
Congruent Triangle Theorems
Properties of a Rhombus
Test For Similar Triangles
Properties of Trapezoids
The Pythagorean Theorem Revisited ...
Calculating Trapezoid Side Length Ratios
Calculating Trapezoid Transversal Lengths
Finding the Area of a Regular Pentagon
Using Apothems With Other Shapes
Similar Triangles
Tests For Triangle Similarity
Sum of Polygon Interior Angles

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